Habanero Rush World Tour

Blues,Soul and Rock 'n' Roll

Blues,Soul and Rock 'n' Roll

President of the United Arab Emirates Loves Habanero Rush

President Of The United Arab Emirates

  Loves Habanero Rush     

Hotter then a Ferrari

Hotter then a Ferrari

Grand Canyon


Derek Pheasey enjoying Habanero Rush over looking the Grand Canyon 


The Home Of Blues



Hot On The Beach 

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Carolina Reaper,Trinidad Scorpion,Scotch Bonnet.Sugar Rush Peach,Buena Mulata,Chinese Five Colour,Black Hungarian,Red Cayenne,Paprika,lemon Spice Jalapeno ,Orange Jalapeno,Orange-Red-White-Lighting Mix Habanero,Portuguese,Ring Of Fire,Peri-Peri,Tabasco,Red Bomb.
Sweet Peppers
Red Peppers,Red Bull's Horn,Hungarian Cheese Blend,Chocolate Bell,Yellow monster Bell Pepper,Purple Beauty,California Golden Bell,Sweet Cajun.

Carolina Reaper grown Pepper King.ca

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